Since it's rised in Bandung in 2011, Prung Terraceswear has developed into a leading contemporary casual brand by presenting high quality and exclusive products. Until now, Prung Terraceswear has a wide spread of followers from various cities in Indonesia to foreign countries.

Growing and developing with the synergy and support of the main independent, Prung Terraceswear has evolved organically by keep all the values that set it apart. For almost a decade, Prung Terraceswear has keep the identity as a fashion brand that has the value of a growing youth spirit.

By keep the comfort and finest quality of every user of its products, Prung Terraceswear presents products that support the appearance of the lads who love the world of football casuals, subculture and also the world of music. In every article that's released, Prung Terraceswear provides a sharp and bold concept to each of it's products.



P-1080 is a special project from Prung Terraceswear with the exclusive touch. Prung Terraceswear have a new perspective to interpreting fashion in this project. It’s more different from the materials, accessories and designs that we present. From the patch and other detailing is also very different. The P-1080 will release certain article with a very limited number.

The meaning of P-1080 is the representation of the totally number of angles in the octagon which is the logo from Prung Terraceswear. While the meaning of "P" in front has the meaning of "Project."

The predominance of the color purple, preferred because it represents a courageous nature that will embody strength, prestige, and ability. We also believe that purple can re-energize us to learn new things.

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